Winter Juicing


“It is health that is wealth, not pieces of gold and silver” Ghandi

I first came into juicing a year ago when I stumbled across a fascinating documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” where a man called Joe Cross reverses his crippling medical conditions and loses a lot of weight through merely juicing for 60 days. Its a brilliant documentary and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about juicing to watch it.

So, step one I bought a juicer there are many options on the market with prices ranging from very high to very low, but to get me started I went for one in the £40 region.

I then researched fruit and vegetable juice recipes and experimented by making new and colourful mixes of juice, I felt like Roald Dahl’s character George in Georges Marvellous medicine. At first my body was not sure but after a couple of days juicing the benefits in my skin, hair and nails really did show. I also felt an increase of energy as you juice you are taking in lots of minerals and vitamins that are usually lost in conventional shop brought juices that are also laden with artificial sweeteners and sugars (and are super expensive) so you really feel all the benefits when you juice at home.

Some top tips before you start :

  1. Always wash out your juicer once you’ve made the juice otherwise its going to be a mission to clean.
  2. Use a straw when drinking juice and place behind teeth so the acids in the juice does’nt erode the enamel of your teeth.
  3. Drink your juice asap after making it as every hour passes the juice can loose its benefits.
  4. Be careful with beetroot and carrots they stain and they will not come out in the wash so wear an apron for those juices.
  5. Recycle fruit and veg peelings in your own home made food compost the worms love it.

I’ve listed my top 3 winter juices to ward off those germs and to give your skin a well deserved glow for all the Christmas and new year parties.

So let’s juice 🙂

Winter Blues

This juice will make your skin glow and give you instant energy while improving your immunity for the cold and flu season.

Pack of Blueberries

3 Passion -fruit ( flesh only scooped out)

1 Mango (peeled no stone)

Cantaloupe melon 1 peeled

Morning Zinger

I Love this juice its tasty and a great skin drink and the ginger will soothe your throat.

5 carrots

3 oranges

root ginger you choose how much depending on how spicy you like it

2 apples

Throat Soother

This isn’t the tastiest juice but it really helps with tonsillitis, sore throats and the sage is great as it acts as a powerful antiseptic and a traditional remedy of all mouth and throat problems.

Half a Cucumber

1 small Pineapple

6 Sage leaves

2 Celery sticks

3 Carrots

Last but by no means least…

Popeye Shots

Now a Popeye shot is taken from the lovable character Popeye the sailor man who would eat spinach for strength (I like this man) so if you feel your body is out of sorts this winter invest in Wheat grass and Spirulina powder. Its a great supplement to your diet and really helps detoxify the body and holds keys ingredients such as B complex vitamins, vitamin E and also Beta-carotene. These vitamins are good for overall health. Its also high in protein and is full of antioxidants which is a must in today’s hectic lifestyle.

Start off with a teaspoon mixed with water a day as the taste can be best described as displeasing but after a couple of weeks taking this I am sure you will start to see the difference and may even feel as good as Popeye.

Good luck, Happy Juicing Days xxxx