Why we need those Easter Eggs far more than them!

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Well, if I’m honest, recently of the chocolate variety at around 6am served up on a platter of sugar and coffee! Pretty much anything to get me through another sleepless night. We’ve had the dreaded man/boy flu in our house (you thought the man variety was bad. the mini version is something else). The consequences for me are sleepless nights and no nap time in the day, due to a very miserable, very tiny blocked nose.

So, when asked if I would like to test this years Easter Egg offering from Guylian the holy mecca of chocolate, I politely accepted. Show me a tired mum/dad who could resist and Ill eat my Easter bonnet 😉

Needless to say it didn’t last long!

This got me thinking, surely the troops of tired Mums and Dads need that sugar rush far more than our adorable, hyped up, naturally energetic bundles of joy? Need more evidence not to feel guilty if you the Easter Bunny has a teeny, tiny nibble on one of the eggs to keep their energy levels up? Look no further as I have gone to the great trouble of trawling the internet to find you the top 5 reasons why We need those eggs more than them! take it as my gift to you!


1.) Chocolate is good for stress

Let’s face it occasionally as a parent you may find yourself in a slightly stressful situation.

2.) It’s loaded with disease fighting antioxidants

Two words. SOFT. PLAY.

3.) It’s good for your heart and blood pressure

Ok, your blood pressure and your heart are pretty important. Whoa, hold up. Wait!? What the f*$k!!? An article written by weight watchers suggesting we eat chocolate?? *Performs victory dance wearing a hollowed chocolate egg bra

4.) It’s good for strong bones

We all know being a parent involves a hefty helping of weight lifting, strong bones are vital. Plus, this is particularly in favour of milk and white chocolate, yep, chocolate buttons ahoy!

5.) We just want the best for our little ones You saw it here first folks!

It’s far better they don’t scoff the lot themselves, right? Come on, step up and do your bit and be a good parent 😉

With love, chocolate and a large shipment of celery for the next month,

x x

Special thanks to Guylian for their amazing egg, you made one tired mum very happy!