Why A Dolls Pram Makes The Perfect Birthday Present

dolls pram perfect brithday present

Children can be a challenge to buy for; at a young age their interests change so quickly, so it can be difficult to find a gift which will last.

Children are too young to appreciate sentimental gifts, but the majority of toys will either fail to maintain their interest for long or get broken fairly soon after they are received.

Luckily there is one timeless classic which fully encompasses both what a child needs and what they desire: the dolls pram.

They’re timeless gifts which will last through the years

Unlike most toys, both dolls and dolls prams have lasted through the quick-changing trends and fashions and are still at the height of popularity to this day. This timeless toy doesn’t just have a beautiful aesthetic, it also heightens the child’s enjoyment of their dolls, allowing them to further engage in their imaginations.

We spoke to Silver Cross Dolls Pram retailers, Play Like Mum who said: “Dolls prams are long-lasting and durable gifts which not only will provide a child with endless enjoyment, but they’re also an attractive addition to any collection of toys.”

They encourage imaginative play

Imaginative play can be crucial for a child’s development, so toys which allow a child to be creative with their play is a great bonus to a birthday present. Dolls prams are the perfect gift to encourage imaginative play because the child is able to use the pram as an object to spark their creativity.

Imaginative play introduces children to problems which they would not yet have encountered in the real world which helps them to further develop their problem-solving skills. This type of learning experience through play helps a child to increase important cognitive thinking skills.

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They encourage the child to imitate

Receiving a dolls pram as a gift allows the child to imitate their parents and other adults around them. This is boundlessly beneficial for helping the child develop key social and emotional skills such as empathy because they are able to experience what it’s like to be other people.

It is likely that their language skills will develop in imitative play because children are fantastic at imitating those who are regularly around them. Parents and teachers are big influences in their lives and that will likely shine through whilst they’re using language.

Also, when a child is able to see that they can be anyone they like just by pretending, they build a sense of self-esteem which is monumental for their development and performance in later life – dolls prams are the perfect gift to assist this process.

Dolls prams will seemingly never go out of style and they encourage the type of play that will help children to develop necessary skills for the lives ahead of them. If you want to learn more about how to make the most of imaginative play, read this really useful article.