Was your bump trending?


Let me start by saying I was a ‘nightmare’ when pregnant and I’ll stand by my testament that hormones are to blame. Yep, those raging hormones have a lot to answer for in fact I would go as far to say I turned into Jekyll & Hormone.
However, are these strange things in our system to blame for the trends I’m about to share? Perhaps. When that bump arrives, us pregnant ladies have been known to do some rather strange things.

Here are the most popular trends from the past four decades:
1. All hail the dungarees. It was the eighties and Denim was the Don. If you were to find yourself pregnant during this era, then you were to find yourself some dungarees. Quick. Let’s face it, it was almost the law. And in 1989, Kirstie Alley sealed the dungaree deal by sporting a pair in the classic ‘Look who’s talking’. Then how can we forget the re-surge in the 90’s when our favourite ‘friend’ wore them, let’s face it Phoebe is definitely a trend setter.

2. A few years later we were ditching the ‘Denim’ for a ‘Demi’. No, not getting a young hot boyfriend called Ashton (that was a little later) we wanted to show off our pregnant bodies with pride. As Demi graced the cover of Vanity Fair in the early 90’s, pregnant women everywhere were rushing to whip off their maternity bras and leggings and pose nude for the camera. (Swollen?? No. that’s just the soft focus)

3. Fast forward a decade later and we had become far more conservative. Sort of. Covering up was back, except of course our pregnant tums. Those gorgeous girls from All Saints made baggy trousers, timberland boots and crop tops THE look, but only if you had a pregnant belly to accessorise.

At least you didn’t have to breathe in and that’s the only way you would find me wearing a crop top.
4. OK, we love our pregnant tums and perhaps they should be on show…forever? So, get a cast done. I’m not quite sure where we were putting our belly casts, on the mantle piece? wall? Or, perhaps there are a couple of rather unique fruit bowls lying around?
Needless to say, this trend didn’t stay around for too long…unlike those bellies!

5. Most recently in a world of selfies, insta – pics and camera phones it’s all about the ‘labour day make over’. The list of treatments include bikini wax, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, mani and pedi, fake tan and even teeth whitening. Forget the MILF, its all about the PILF!
make the most of it, those sort of luxuries may take a backseat for the next few years!

Come on, own up, which did you fall for? (Please let it be the dungarees please let it be the dungarees)

With love, denim and as much soft focus as possible,