Top 5 books for the creative home!

The Christmas ads are in full swing. The creative bigwigs have been sat around over-sized meeting desks, slurping coffee and pulling out every tear jerking, belly laughing, consumer eye-catching trick in the book except those at Coca-cola. Lets face it theyve had there feet up since January when that big old florescent lorry went into its box for another year all ready to be dusted down and brought back to life again round about now. Hey, if it aint broke?

I have to hold my hands up and admit Im every advertising gurus dream. I cried at the little penguin on the John Lewis ad, shouted out which shop I thought that amazing feast came from (yep, I guess Lidleverytime!) and want to be one of the cute fairies on the M&S ad. However, there is one advert I just dont get??? Its for those rather famous hair straighteners, claiming cook books are not what people super glam models want for Christmas. Why would anyone NOT want a cookbook for Christmas? Ok, straighteners are useful *ties up messy mummy hair immediately* but, I defy even the most glamorous of us to not like this selection of books. So, I give you my Top 5 brilliant books to give the colourful creative person in your life and guess what? It starts with a cook book…

LEON Ingredients and Recipes Allegra McEvedy

I love, love, love the Leon books. All of them. However, if you are new to this recipe book range then go for this. Not only does it have a heart warming array of recipes but they have been written by family members and friends who obviously put a lot of love into their food. In fact, it almost feels as though youve stumbled across an old family heirloom with tried and tested recipes spanning generations.

It begins with a section which explains where our food comes from, whats in season, different cuts of meat and the illusive explanation of which oil to use for what!? All set out in a colourful pull-out, lift the flap and poster style layout. Think Childrens book crossed with your Grans oldest torn out recipe collection, etched with penciled notes and bookmarked with family photos. Sound interesting? It is.

My must try recipes are the Bran breakfast muffins (for a hubby that wont eat breakfast, disguise it as cake and hes all in) and the baked sweet potato falafels, Which are a huge healthy finger food hit for the little man.

Etcetera Sibella Court

I stumbled across this book at the library when looking for some colour scheme inspiration and what a great stumble it was. It made me instantly want to travel the world and collect a different trinket as I go, however the local flea market will have to do for now.

Sibella Court is a set designer who has lived and worked across the globe and shares her collections and ideas in this beautifully laid out book. I would go as far as saying this is so beautiful it could be a coffee table book to browse, but also full of wonderful ideas and inspiration for anyone who loves interior and design. It will also give you some handy and fun ways to display family heirlooms.

Decorate Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick

When we put an offer in on our very first home I was beyond excited to be able to actually put colour on the walls and choose furniture after living in rented flats and apartments for years. I was working away touring the Middle East at the time our offer on the little bungalow in London was going through. It was a really exciting time as not only was it our first home it needed a full renovation (we dont do things by halfand could only afford a renovation project in London). While I was away I became totally obsessed with interior books and magazines dreaming of how my first home would look. A great friend I made whilst working out there suggested I order a book called Decorate and it was waiting for me when I arrived home. It has been a go-to read anytime I wanted a bit of inspiration and confidence when injecting colour into a space or room and ditching any sign of magnolia.

It is written by blogging legend Holly Becker, who launched the Decor8 blog in 2006 and has around 36,000 daily readers and Joanne Copestick, who is a writer and editor specialising in interior publications and has written over ten books on interior.

The Vintage Tea Party book

Vintage has become hugely popular over the last few years and I for one am happy to champion a colourful head scarf and slick of red lippy. In fact, I had a vintage birthday party a few years back and donned the victory rolls with pride. This book is a perfect guide to hosting a vintage style party, whether youre after the full coddled eggs experience or want to just dip in with a classic scone recipe, this has it all. Not only does it contain a wonderfully eclectic range of recipes and cocktails it has how to guides along the way. This includes templates for bunting, invitations and step by step guides to hair-styling, make-up and even how to sew your own vintage apron.

This is a lovely book to inspire a childrens tea party (my niece would adore this) to a full out (adult) tassel swinging, feather bower wearing, cocktail drinking soiree.

Plus, who wouldn’t want a book that contains sandwich bunting?

KITCHEN Nigella Lawson

This is the Nigella bible of cookbooks, if you like to get your moneys worth when buying a book you wont be disappointed with this one. It has a ridiculous amount of recipes and absolutely beautiful photography by Lis Parsons (I only use cookery books that have photographs I definitely eat with my eyes) This book sat by my bedside for a year as bedtime reading and now has pride of place in my Kitchen.

Someone once said to me you are either a Delia or a Nigella! If this is true as much as I take a bow to Delia, Nigella is my sort of gal. Shell cook up a storm with a cocktail in one hand and eye liner in the other and shares my absolute obsession with cook books. All hail Nigella you are the queen of my Kitchen.

With love and books (many books!) x x x