Party with Paper

It’s party season woo hoo! But these gorgeous decorations will be great for any occasion and are easy enough to do with little fingers over the holidays. How about using up any spare scraps of wrapping paper, so your decorations match the pressies under the tree (posh!). Wrapping paper, not too flimsy, is the perfect texture for these decorations! So not only perfect for Christmas but use themed paper for Birthday parties or coloured paper to match paper cups and plates or even your home decor.

So file any reminiscence of those nasty looking hanging foil decs back in the 70s and get partying with these rather stylish paper fans.

What you need
  • Brightly coloured paper or thin card. Good quality wrapping paper is perfect.
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Curling ribbon or string to hang


Step one

Cut your piece of paper into a rectangle

Step two

Fold over the end about 1cm, although play around with this depending on the size of fan you want. Keep folding the paper back on itself until the whole piece is like a concertina.

Step Three

Fold your piece of paper in half and stick the two ends together to make half a fan. It may just make a quarter depending on the size of rectangle used. Repeat the whole process again so you have two halves and then stick both together. To ensure its a neat finish try hooking one end over the other to stick.

If you want to make the garland of decorations here’s how:

Step one

Complete all the above steps until you have your folded paper and folded again in half (Step three). Now using sharp scissors cut out small shapes either side, triangles are easy and effective. This is just like how you may have made paper snowflakes when you were younger!

Step two

You only need to make a semi-circle, as this can be hooked and stuck to ribbon or string.

It’s so easy you could try other creations

There you have it! an easy and cheap way to Party with Paper.

With love and paper cuts,