A Birdy Buffet

Autumn has very much landed, and we at Blackledge Towers have been thinking about our wildlife, in particular our garden birds. We love birds, but due to our cat, Merkin, most birds have more sense than to venture into our garden. But, as it is getting chillier and wetter, and our beloved kitty is far too precious to get his paws cold and damp, Merkin is far more inclined to be snuggled up in his basket rather than being out harassing the local wildlife. So with this in mind we decided to create a Birdy Buffet in our garden. We made fat balls out of pine cones very simple to do and fun for all the family, and fat balls give birds a welcome energy boost in the cold weather.


You will need:

* A pack of lard at room temperature

* Bird seeds

* Pine cones

* String

* Bread

Firstly, tie string to the top of the pine cones.

Stage one

Then tear off bits of bread and stuff them into the sides of the open pine cones.

Stage two

Stage three

If you are peckish, help yourself to some of the bread (like my 3 year old).


Next, take chunks of lard and using your fingers press it all over the pine cone and make as smooth as you can. Try to ignore the amount of lard your children wipe on their clothing.

Stage four

Take your lardy pine cone and press it into the seeds. Roll the pine cone around until it is covered.

Your fat ball is complete!

Hang them from your free, fence, bird table, balcony or window sill.

Enjoy your crisp and cosy autumn days, knowing that you’ve done your bit for your local wildlife.

With love, lard and impending boil wash,


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