Mini Indoor Wreaths

I love Christmas decorations, when we were growing up we always had a really special day transforming our house into a Winter Wonderland. Most of our decorations were handcrafted by my mum and one year she made a gorgeous wreath out of twisted fabric, because of the nature of the wreath it had to be hung indoors and I quite like the idea of dressing the doors inside a house as it adds a little piece of Christmas running throughout. This gave me the idea of creating some mini Christmas Wreaths to hang on the internal doors of our little bungalow. So, if you fancy adding a little extra decor to your house this year (and lets face it when it comes to Christmas More is More) here is my Mini Wreath tutorial.

Classic Christmas Wreath

Strips of green felt (2.5cm wide)

Sharp scissors

PVA Glue

Large Curtain Ring

Ribbon to hang and decorate

Mini bells to decorate (optional)

Step one

Using the sharp scissors cut a zig zag along each strip of green felt. This just makes cutting each curve easier and more accurate.

Step two

Now round off each point of your zig zag.

Step three

Take your curtain ring remove any hooks and start winding the felt around gluing as you go. The felt should overlap so all the curtain ring is covered, so only glue half of the strip to the ring and let the other half (curved cut out side) overlap.

Step Four

Once the whole ring is covered attach a hanging loop using your choice of ribbon.

Step Five

Add a decorative bow to the front and your mini wreath is complete.

Now hang throughout the house..

How about trying these alternatives:

  • Wrap your curtain rings in decorative tape or Washi Tape to match your house decor or colours on your tree.
  • Tightly wrap string around your curtain ring and decorate with a cut out star.

With love and pretty uneven hanging curtains 😉 x