Grans Cheery Choc Crunch



Have you ever found out something that was an absolute certainty in your childhood to actually not be quite as it seemed as you grew up? For example, the Ice cream van doesn’t play music to indicate its ran out of ice cream.. Rugby players don’t get cauliflower ears because they don’t eat enough cauliflower.. my beloved Guinea Pig was in fact three lovely Guinea Pigs (Sob) get the idea? Well, can you imagine my sheer shock when last year I went into a very well known coffee shop to see that they not only knew my Grans very secret Chocolate Crunch Recipe but they had been selling it for years. Wow, what a coincidence. The food that was one of my very fondest childhood memories and was the biggest hit at family parties (bar my Grandads full Scottish attire on New Years Eve) was actually being sold in a rather famous coffee chain. After several tastings, (just to be certain), it pretty much resembled this very secret recipe my Gran had been harboring. to the crumb. So, for many here is my version of the universally known Tiffin cake, but to me it will always remain my Grans secret Cheery Choc Crunch. Enjoy x

What you need
250g Digestive biscuits (or the best part of a pack, with a few left to dip in tea)
100g Unsalted Butter
100g Golden Syrup
300g Chocolate of your choice (I like cooking Chocolate with a high cocoa count however this is quite rich. I would suggest milk chocolate for little ones)
Small bowl of Raisins
Small bowl of chopped Glacier Cherries
A tray to put the mixture in with a removable bottom or lined with cling film
A Pan with bowl to fit over to heat mixture
Sandwich bag (to crush the biscuits)

Step One

Start by putting the digestive biscuits in a sandwich bag and crushing with a rolling pin, its nice to have a mixture of small crumbs and larger pieces.

Step Two

Next put the Butter, Golden Syrup and 200g Chocolate in a bowl (the remaining chocolate is to pour on top of the mixture).

Step Three

Put the bowl over a pan of boiling water and stir continuously as it melts together. Then add the biscuits, raisins and cherries and stir together.

Step Four

Now put the mixture into a tray. Either one with a removable bottom or one lined with cling film. Really squash the mixture down so it sets together.

Melt the remaining chocolate and pour over the top of the mixture. Put in the fridge to set overnight.

Ready to be devoured!

PLEASE NOTE: For the full Heston Blumenthal experience of my Grans crunch this must be eaten with a distinct whiff of Poodle in the the air and under a dining room table during a family party. (I was also known to eat at least 3/4s of a tray in one sitting looks like someone takes after there Mummy!)

Thank you Gran, your glorious legend lives on

With love and crumbs,
x x