Faking it..with Flowers!


Fake. Artificial. Synthetic. Mock.

Hardly conjures up a positive image does it? But that needn’t be the case!

There has been a surge in popularity for the fake flower. It coincides with enormous improvements in the manufacture and design of artificial flowers and the vast variety in the specimens available to florists and customers alike.

Faux is no longer Foul. Gone are the dusty bunches of forever carnations that you would find in your Nan’s parlour and en-vogue are bright beautiful blooms that will transform your interiors with their colour and vibrancy.

Even the bridal sector wants in on the act. Testament to the quality of the blooms on offer brides are more than ever choosing to have their special bouquets made in artificial flowers and I have seen a marked increase in the number of customers wanting an artificial hand tie for their big day.

For the bride come some great advantages to this. You can have exactly what you want when you want it. Nothing is more disheartening than explaining to an excited bride to be that if they are getting married in December they simply cant have the blousy summer peonies in the picture torn from the pages of a well-thumbed wedding magazine.

With artificial flowers you can have that dream and you can rest assure your flowers will look their very best on the wedding morning and throughout the day. No wilting in the heat of the day and no browning edges from hours out of water. Better still you can throw your matrimonial spray high over your shoulder into the waiting hands of your single female wedding guest safe in the knowledge that it will survive the wedding tradition unharmed! It’s yours to keep forever.

So, with that in mind here are my hints and tips for creating your perfect plastic posy!

There are some golden rules to creating an artificial bouquet. The number one rule is to remember that this isn’t a cheaper option to fresh flowers. It can be a more expensive alternative but you have to weigh up the positives as mentioned earlier. Yes you can buy cheap artificial flowers but if you only buy cheap then the finished product will look exactly that…. cheap!

I think the best way is to invest in some flowers that are of a high quality and mix these in with some cheaper versions. Just like wearing your designer handbag with your high street heels.

Single stem flowers are more expensive than the ready-made bunches so I would use a combination of the two. Buy gorgeous high quality statement flowers and mix them in with the bunches for bulk. Good quality, realistic foliage is also a must!

Keep your colour pallet tight; this bride wanted a nod to the nautical so I have used mainly whites, creams and green with a touch of blue.

So you will need the following:

* Glue gun and glue stick

* Florist tape, you can get this from either a wholesaler or ask if you can buy a roll from your local florist. Hobby craft also sell if for a couple of pound.

* Pearl pins

* Florist’s wire. You may not need to use this but if there are any stems that are too short you can extend them with this. Also available from Hobby craft.

* Scissors and secateurs

* String

* Wide satin ribbon in your colour choice.

Start by laying out the flowers

Creating a bouquet layout of flowers

Then using the secateurs separate all the flowers so that you can work with single stems, one flower at a time.

Once all your flowers are separated and in piles of like type flower you are ready to start building your hand tie.

Pick a central bloom and you want to work the flowers around in a kind of imaginary circle crossing the stems at an angle as shown in the picture.

It can be quite tricky holding the stems in place so when you have a nice cluster tie it off with string so you can put it down and place the next circle of flowers around it without any of the original stems moving out of place. You won’t see this string at the end as I will bind the stems with a satin ribbon when its finished.

Keep checking the shape either in a mirror of by holding it at arms length and looking down the top of the bouquet.

Next task is to trim the stems to the correct length.

Now we use the ribbon to tidy it up, hide all those ugly wires and make the handle comfortable to hold.

and that’s it! Job done!

Hope this has inspired you and given you a fresh outlook on fake flowers.

Enjoy! x