Cute Christmas Card Idea

I guess I should start by saying I don’t really send cards, I’m far too unorganised. So, take this as my card to you.

Although this year I couldn’t resist doing a card for the newly acquired Grand parents, Aunties and Uncle!

You either come from a family who do photo cards or not. Whichever camp you are in the idea of sending the classic family portrait on the front of a card is so kitsch its kinda cool. However, much to my hubbys relief this year the little man got involved and before hes too old to realise what hes being lured into I intend to make the most of using his cute mug on the front of our cards.


However, getting tiny ones involved in a photo shoot is not as easy as it sounds! Im certainly not a photographer, but I have spent the last year taking pics at every given opportunity. So, here’s my tips for getting the right amount of cute on the front of your festive cards with the least mount of chaos

1.) Choose an area that is really brightly lit, sunlight is by far the best so some advanced planning could come into play. Unless of course you’re planning it in front of your Christmas Tree. I think my other half would not be best pleased if the tree went up in August!!!

2.) Don’t expect a little one to see your artistic vision. Try and do something that works for them, perhaps an activity or prop to play with and just go with the flow. This also goes for outfits, if they keep a hat on your half way there!

3.) Do it when they are least tired and grumpy, unless you want a sleeping picture (great idea for tiny ones). Most of my themed photos are taken at about 6am. Yep, that’s now a sociable hour. The joys of early mummy starts.

4.) Try and choose a background that’s pretty flexible, so they can let the artistic talents flow..or roam around and NOT stay still.

5.) There are loads of great and easy to use Apps to add a little extra to your pictures. I used Pic collage for my offering.

6.) Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I send least amount of chaos..but hey, I also said fun…

With love and a mop,

Torie x