Button Art for a Little Button Nose


It’s been an exciting week, one of my closest friends wife has gone into the early stages of labour! This fills me with excitement, partly because soon well meet the little fella (we know its a boy!) and partly the joy of knowing its not me about to go into the labour room. I know that seems a bit mean, but Im not that many months past forgetting the whole ordeal myself (you do forget, right?).

I wanted to make them a little handmade present and given the fact they are soon moving house and haven’t had chance to decorate the new nursery, I thought that would be a good starting point. This is a really easy and effective way to create a 3D Picture and there is something fun about the design that makes it ideal for a nursery (although I think this is a lovely gift idea for any one).

I got a bumper bag of buttons on ebay, if you buy them individually or at craft shops they can be quite expensive and I liked the randomness of the buttons that came in the pack, although you can order colour specific, or even themed buttons if you wish.

So, here’s my step by step guide to creating the heart picture above.

What you need;

  • A Frame (remember it must be a deep frame, not flush. I got mine from www.Ikea.com, they have a fairly large range of sizes and colours)
  • Some felt
  • a selection of buttons (lots of different shapes will help)
  • Scissors
  • needle and thread
  • super glue (the very strong liquid glue works best I used Loctite presicion super glue)
  • Some paper or card for your template (use the insert paper from your frame if its new)
  • Board to glue on this glue has ruined my Kitchen table. Ooooops!

Step One

Draw around the inner square of your frame if using a boarder, if not draw around the frame itself. You will then have a piece of paper that fits to the size of the frame so your heart fits perfectly.

Step Two

Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart, therefore when its cut out it will be symmetrical.

Step Three

Once you have your cutout place it on your chosen choice of felt and arrange the buttons within the stencil. I find it easier to arrange them first, so you know how it will look at the end and that the buttons fit to the size, this may need a little bit of juggling around. If you have particularly small buttons tweezers will help.

Step Four

Once you are happy with the arrangement of buttons, put a very small drop of glue to tack them into place, be careful not to cover the holes with the glue. This will just make it easier when sewing them on.

Step Five

Sew each button on.

If you use a contrasting colour it will be more effective. A nice idea is to match the colour of the thread to the wall colour of the room, its surprising how much it makes the picture pop!

Step Six

Glue the felt to the backing card and pop into your frame and there you have it (Pictured with handmade Booties).

A perfect Button picture for a perfect Button nose!

Let’s just hope that baby has arrived before I put this post up

With Love and Buttons,

x x