A Winter Garden


“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

So it’s that time of year when the deck chairs and garden furniture are put away for another six months, the tomatoes are harvested and the leaves fall off the trees. So to the garden how do we keep the garden in top form over the next chilly months of autumn and winter.

For many, it’s just too cold to venture to the garden but talking from experience I love a bit of winter gardening a break from the stuffy central heating, exercise and the thought that you can grow your own home grown produce is very rewarding.

I am a big fan of growing my own fruit, veg and medicinal plants which is a fascination for me. The fact that food and herbs can heal the body is just incredible. I have recently taken up membership at the Chelsea physic garden in London which is London’s oldest botanical garden (chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk/) . I visit each week to learn about new types of exotic plants, medicinal plants, edible and useful plants with over 5,000 different plants to study within the garden. Armed with the knowledge I learn from this incredible garden I am able to apply it to my own small garden in the east end of London.


So with all this experience and knowledge I wanted to share my top tips to planting in the winter.

Even if you have a small area like myself its surprising what you can plant.

Top 5 veg to sow now…and benefits for health

1)  Asparagus Supports the gut, boosts energy, anti-inflammatory & good for skin health

2)  Peas – aids digestion, energy boost, helps fight infection and promotes healthy sperm. 

3) Winter Lettuce –natural sedative properties, eases bloating and strengthens blood vessels 

4) Spinach strengthens bones, anti inflammatory, good for heart, has anti cancer properties 

5) Garlic strengthens immune system, detoxifies, removes toxins and pollutants from the body

Top 5 herbs for winter:

1) Winter Savory anti-oxidant, disease prevention. may reduce LDL or bad cholesterol 

2) Sageaids hormonal balance, antibacterial good for throats 

3) Thyme helps fight colds and flu treats sore throats and gum disease

4) Bay anti fungal , gastric tonic, mild sedative

5) Rosemary helps fight inflammation, calms nerves and eases stomach upsets.


A Winter garden is certainly not dull.

Good luck with your planting and please do not be disheartened with your crops, some plants make it and some plants don’t. ;-(

It is all trial and error but, when you do see how the plants grow and flourish you will be extremely proud and your friends and family will be very impressed next time you serve your food with your own grown produce.