A Real Winter Wonderland

real winter wonderland

“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

It’s winter time in the UK and my husband Willy and I usually head off to the yearly event in Hyde Park Winter Wonder land to eat over sized bratwurst sausages and drink over priced mulled wine. This year was different we decided on a new adventure to travel to the Arctic and stay in Finland Lapland for a week in a place called Luosto. Not in search for father christmas but a week of travel and adventure in the snow. We went in the first week of December which missed the christmas rush and gave us a week of small tailored events of just 8 people in a group.

This was my first wintry adventure and wow it was more than impressive. Mother nature is a beautiful thing and the snow on the trees and hills were just breath taking. Snow that went up to your knees I really did feel like a kid again!

The week consisted of husky riding with 6 husky dogs pluling us along the wintry countryside riding husky dogs is quite a sensation and you have to help the dogs when going up hill which really connects you with the dogs and their energy and excitement! It was just  exhilarating a ride I will not forget in a hurry.  Top Tip never let go of the sleigh as the dogs will not stop and you may find yourself stranded with out a ride home.

The week continued with snowmobiling of which I crashed the snowmobile due to a silly husband and wife argument of how to drive the vehicle properly (the joys of married life)  I am happy to say we crashed beautifully and did not have to pay the 600euros excess and laughed it off with Finnish vodka at the end of the day.

Our winter wonderland also involved many cups of tea in a Lappish Kota a traditional hut which would always have a roaring log fire to welcome you in from the cold. Reindeer rides in a traditional Reindeer caravan, of which we spent the day with Mia, a Lappish lady who has continued this traditional use of reindeer transport and looks after over 100 reindeer. She was an inspiring woman I remember her first words were ‘I do not have much money but I have my reindeers and nature which makes me very happy’.

When in the Arctic there is a good chance you may see the the northern lights. We were lucky to see a few green streaks through the sky however, if you go who knows you may see even more its mother natures own light display and its truly breathtaking.

Our week continued with more alpine and cross country skiing, snow shoe trekking and looking for amethyst in an amethyst mine which if your lucky you can keep whatever you find if it fits in the palm of your hand.

If you like the outdoors and you would like to challenge yourself maybe for next year then I would most definitely recommend the real winter wonder land experience and if you have kids then you must visit father christmas or another option is to have mother christmas read you a bedtime story unfortunately I was a bit too old for this option.

If like my husband and I you just want adventure and then to snuggle up in a log cabin with hot chocolate then Finland will give you this and more happy wintry days!

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